Friday, January 21, 2011

Back from outer space...

After more than a year, marriage, several jobs and a lot of thinking, I'm restarting this blog. Nothing is changing in this world, and nothing is being done to right the wrongs. At least I plan to say something about it, and hopefully be heard.

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  1. Brother, nothing is being done in the world because the oligarchs and putocrats have everything exactly the way they want it. THEY create gluts in the labor market, to keep wages low, to prevent tenants from becoming owners, to keep us distracted from what the men behind the curtain are doing. THEY keep credit from small-time entrepreneurs and innovators and artisans. They own the production and the distribution of the news. They know of every conversation we have over the phone and online. The empire keeps them in profits, so they keep the empire up. ON OUR BACKS.

    The only way any of this will change is when the workers, the students, the religious, the poor, and downtrodden, the tenants, the struggling homeowners, the remaining farming families, begin to realize that the problems they have individually are the problems we all have together. And that I can't solve any of these things unless we all do. And that nothing changes until we do it for ourselves, because no one is gonna do it for us.